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This website is developed by M-LUX (M) Sdn Bhd for the purpose of promoting our company products and services.  We do not collect any personal information in the database.   When you fiill up the feedback form, the information provided will be emailed to our sales team without storing in the database.

We respect personal privacy and will not use your personal information for any activities which are non related to your company.

The images used in this website are sourced from the supplier catalogue and stock image, please do not copy the images for any purpose without our consent.

Below are the projects we have done previously:




Location Year

Fitness First, Wisma SPK

View photos  Kuala Lumpur 2003 
Putrajaya Convention View photos Putrajaya 2003
Fitness First, Summit view photos Subang Jaya 2004
Palace of Justice view photos Putrajaya 2004
Fitness First, The Curve Mall view photos Selangor 2004

The head office of M-LUX (M) Sdn. Bhd. is situated on two floors of a rented 2-story shop lot in Pusat Dagang Petaling Jaya Selatan (PJCC), Business Centre with many other businesses and facilities to compliment.

The office is equipped with complete office automation to assist with the design works, communication and etc.  Following are some of our assists and facilities.

  • Latest desktop computer systems
  • Lighting software to calculate the actual light require
  • Designer’s showroom
  • Latest lights and fixtures catalogues from UK, Germany, Italy , Spain, Belgium & etc

It’s another year of hard work which eventually pays-off; M-LUX (M) Sdn. Bhd. is growing and expanding.

The showroom was renovated to include in an additional sales office which introduce more lightings and also special range of lighting themes added.

M-LUX (M) SDN. BHD. as always, looks forward to latest discovery and new technology in lighting concept.


Our Sales Department

Expansion of the sales department was well equipped with fully trained informative sales personnel to assist your needs on lighting technology. 

Modern computerize technology was implemented to keep track of customer records to provide fast and efficient services to all customers.

All quotation request or concept requests are carefully analyse and suit to the customer requirement.

On the special concept request - well trained sales personnel are on hand to provide ideas and solution to customer.

New era of cyber technology contributed to fast and reliable services.

All quotation will be attended to, soonest possible.


Contemporary art to the latest lighting collection, discovery is all here to be explored from one corner to another in the only, one of its kind showroom, which provides a face to face, touch & feel concept, where customer can actually have a closer inspection of the goods that they’re buying.

In-door experience sales personnel are available at all times and free consultancy is available upon request.



Delivery department (Logistic) was up-graded to assured that customer will receive a fast delivery.


The aims of M-LUX are to provide the Client with a product that:

  1. Meets the design, friendly to environment and most important to the Client’s satisfaction.
  2. Supply and deliver in accordance with the budget and program.

To meet these aims, an effective project management structure has been established, headed by the Managing Director, to oversee all aspects of the contract from tender, award and to final hand over.

The various activities of this team include:

  1. Assisting the Client with budget and cost saving.
  2. Providing our expertise on the efficiency of the lights.
  3. Controlling and co-coordinating activities throughout the various phases of the project to ensure progress is in line with the program.
M-Lux (M) Sdn Bhd was registered in Malaysian Registrar of Company in Year 2000, with the field of activities in "Manufacturing lamp post, fittings, etc", "Supply and install light fittings, fixtures, etc" and "Importer of lights, chandeliers, etc".
Our services specilizing in:-
  1. Products compromise from easy, mid and hi-end applicable for indoors or outdoors.
  2. Experience sales staff to advice on products usage, technical & project service.
  3. Sample of lighting & products presentation available.
  4. Professional advice, services include project consultation and site survey.
  5. Wide range of lighting and accessories. Prompt delivery service.
  6. Competitive pricing. Imported quality products.

M-LUX operates a Quality Management System to the Lighting Industries International Standard. We follow as closely to the Project and Client requirement as possible.  M-LUX prepares Quality Approved Reports for its job and products.

Managing Director - Mr. Yap Weng On

Mr. Yap started in the lighting industry 18 years ago.  From a junior level he strives to learn the trade from bottom to top.  He was a quick learner, with his ability and efficiency in planning of work, earns him opportunity advancement to the management level towards a challenging career.  There was at time, he were to manage sales team and also factory production from raw material to finish products.  Customer needs and awareness of market trend demands are the situation where his capability decision is tested.  He has the ability to handle mega projects and fulfils supply to customer’s requirement.  His creative idea and planning that really pay off to his credit. Today, under his manage, M-LUX (M) SDN. BHD. is well known to most customers and associate.  It was the solid 16 years of experience in lighting industry.


Manager - Ms. Helen Lee

Started in the beginning of early eighties as sales personnel for totally new product, management planning and company sales achievement were one of her expertise.  In a short duration of counter and sales promotion, Ms. Lee took a big leap on her career.  Her ability was proven when she set up a company in Malaysia for a foreign investor.  Started from a showroom and equip with basics amenities as sales tools.  A records period of less than 3 years the company was place among the top 10 lists and awarded the High Flyers for South East Asia. She earned her tickets to U.S., Europe and destination around Asia.  Represented the company on its sales, marketing and also management training.  Her tenure with the company brings in the finest exclusive products to the Royal Palace, Hotel, the Rich and Famous Homestead around Asia. Ms. Lee, 20 years of experience in sales management are an advantage and benefits to M-LUX (M) SDN. BHD.  Through her supervision we’re planning ahead to achieve continuous sales and secure business.




 Organizational Chart

 M-Lux (M) Sdn Bhd Organizational Chart

We are a team of experienced personnel with numerous years of experience in Management and the Environmental Lighting Concept Industry.  The Managing Director Mr. Yap Weng On with a solid 16 years of experience in lighting industry.  Director Mr. Lee Sek Khian, 23 years of specialize in Purchasing and Logistic on local and offshore.  Manager Ms. Helan Lee has 20 years of experience in sales and management.  
The group has place together a comprehensive blend of advanced techniques, systems, forms and skilled personnel & associates. Lines of demarcation between these worlds are fading fast, thus creating an environment with a need for creative groups that can steer and man oeuvre smoothly among these often-diverse activities.

M-LUX (M) SDN. BHD. had structured itself to respond to these industry challenges.  Our line has been engineered to offer exceptional versatility, range of design, concepts and creativity, which allow architects, designers, builders and homeowners the flexibility of selecting their individual requirements.  Lighting Concept is a whole new era of independence, life and style.
We are specialized in custom-made lighting system, so that you can enjoy the originality luxury, convenience at your command and a peace of mind.  We provide our customers with hassle-free shopping.  With the ability to offer an extensive range, of lighting conceptualizing which compromise from the easy, mid and hi-end.  The freedom of customized concept, suit to individual requirement, new restoration and retrofit construction for commercial / residential.

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